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Client Testimonials

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"Excellent! Fiona takes fer time & really concentrates on areas where I had chronic pain. Strong but gentle smooth hands that is really pleasing to the body. Would recommend to others" 

Oscar, Orlando, FL 

I have a wonderful experience each time I have a massage. Fe-Spa, is a world class spa. it has all the bells and charms...  Each time I go it's constant. I may go feelings stiff and can hardly move but when I leave I feel like a brand new person. " I feel good"

Rea D, Lake Buena Vista, FL

I have seen Fiona 3 times. Prior to the first time, I had a sharp pain in my lower back that had lasted for about 6 months. The pain went away after the first session, and has not returned. It's been about a month since the last session. Fiona is professional and seems to be a genuinely nice person.

Phil, Orlando, FL

I've had several massages with Fiona and every time she does something new that is amazing.  She recently introduced me to stomach massage which I loved!  She has great flow and strength.  Will continue to see her and refer all my friends.

Thanks Fiona!
Mike, Orlando, FL

I had no idea that my body was so tense.  I felt completely relaxed after the session.  A++++

Kareem, Orlando, FL

I have been going to Fiona for the past several years. I have always enjoyed the 5 star service.
Fiona is not only interested in relaxing your muscles...I had a wonderful experience with the new service (The stomach massage) AWESOME!!!!! I've had three treatments and my friends have noticed my stomach has shrunk in size. I can honestly say that my clothes are fitting a bit looser in the waist area. The most important thing is I have more than (one bowel movement) a day since I have started this treatment. I'm so happy that the TOXINS are leaving my body and I'm more healthier since starting my new STOMACH TREATMENTS.

Alrena D, Orlando, FL

 Wonderful. After hurting my back her therapies have helped way more than the doctors and drugs. If I could afford it (and when I can afford it) massage would be part of my weekly (daily if I'm rich) routine.

Katherine, Orlando, FL 

My overall experience was great. It was my first visit for a half hour. I had some really sore back muscles. Fiona was able to relieve the soreness and not overwork the rest of me. She went deep when she needed to and gentle when it was called for. Fiona was very professional and thorough. I left knowing that I would be back again.

D, Orlando, FL

I had my first tandem (the works) massage today. I was fully pampered today not by one but two the same time! It was a great massage and I will indulge myself again in the future.

Rod, Orlando, FL

My experience was awesome. I suffer with major headaches, and after the intense massage I had major relief. I get the massages on a regular basis now and I would suggest anyone who suffers from headaches or migraines to have a massage. It really does make a difference, at least it did for me.

AJ, Deltona, FL 

I loved the feeling of energy and dead weight lifted off my body. My skin is so smooth... 

Mercy, Orlando, FL

The scrub was great! I do like it more aggressive. It was great especially after a workout stimulating my lymphatic syst. I'm sure you have removed some lactic acid. Thank you I feel great.

David, Hunters Creek, FL